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The Brazilian mannequin, Cris Galera, made headlines a number of weeks in the past as she determined to marry herself to have fun self-love; the above, regardless of the a number of criticisms it acquired. Now, after having been married for 90 days, she has put an finish to her relationship.

Cris Galera’s wedding ceremony

“I am celebrating my self-love and with this I want to inspire other women to exalt their self-esteem,” wrote Cris Galera a number of weeks in the past on her Instagram account. At that point, Cris shared all the small print of the celebration on his social networks, turning the {photograph} through which he appeared exterior a church in Sao Paulo right into a pattern, publishes information.culturacolectiva.

The large query for Cris Galera was, why did you do it? Faced with questions, the time period that appeared within the debate was the well-known “sologamia”, that’s, a pattern through which single individuals resolve to marry themselves and achieve this with all the pieces and the protocol of a standard wedding ceremony. Party, engagement ring, gown and company. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the phrase “sologamia” doesn’t exist, however it’s the time period used to clarify this phenomenon. “Yes, individuals. Everything is true! I bought into the wave of sologamia and determined to marry myself. I’m celebrating my self-love and I wish to encourage different girls to exalt their vanity ”, was the message on her Instagram account with greater than 160 thousand followers.

It was the fault of the lads

At the time, Galera spoke about her resolution in an interview with the New York Post. “I was not ashamed and went to church with determination. I did my own makeup and hairstyle. They all stared at me because I had no fiancée. There was no husband. Men have a hard time being faithful or staying with just one woman. They want several women at the same time. That is why I decided. I like to be a priority and I am my priority. I will never divorce myself, but if a new love appears, I may want to live the experience. If that happens, I assure you that I will put the person in second place. I will always be first. “

In addition, the model confirmed in that interview that she went on a honeymoon in Europe. All the experience, within the sologamia, absolutely alone. For Cris Galera, the goal was to continue knowing and enjoying herself as a woman without depending on anyone. “The funniest thing was the feeling of satisfaction and pride in marrying myself. I will not be disappointed, I will not betray my trust and I will love myself above all things ”, assured the influencer.

What occurred?

Now, after we are on the gates of the gorgeous Christmas season, it seems that Cris Galera forgot all the pieces. Absolutely forgot all the pieces! It seems that, in response to a report from the Daily Star that was confirmed by Galera on his Instagram account, love knocked on his door once more.

Not self-love however the love of one other man (in order that they weren’t so responsible). “My marriage to myself was beautiful while it lasted. I started to believe in love when I found that special someone ”, have been Galera’s first statements after a historic divorce.

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