Juan Rivera just isn’t afraid of audit outcomes and responds to his nephew

The audit what a number of months in the past they did to Rosie rivera who was executor of the property of Jenni Rivera continues to offer one thing to speak about, as a result of Juan Rivera, who additionally labored within the firm of the deceased singer, has been the one who has responded to the phrases of his nephew Johnny, who questioned the dealing with of his mom’s cash.

It’s been a shame from the start since this roll started, but if you think I’m going to allow, or that I’m going to keep quiet and allow my name to be stained just like that, because yes, no; I don’t think anyone would do it “Juan started to say on a dwell broadcast Monday evening.

“LI attempted to deal with you as when you have been my very own kids; I spent extra time there for a very long time. Although I attempted to point out them a lot affection, it was price it anyway, they deal with you as when you have been garbage ”, steady.

Jenni Rivera's son anticipates that the audit of his company went wrong

Johnny in a story said that things had gone very wrong, I said, ‘Fuck it, it’s going to start this fucking again “he commented.

He additionally mentioned that this was not the case, “It got here out that Jenni’s (music) hadn’t come out anymore as a result of I and Lino had been given cash for a producer and that we stole the cash. Say who that producer is, test it out for me “, he highlighted.


He additionally indicated that Johnny gave the order that in current months nothing needs to be uploaded in Jenni’s networks, “To my sister’s followers, go to April 25 of this year and you will see that from April 25 to June 14 there was not a single Jenni post because my nephew Johnn said he made the executive decision to no longer upload anything from Jenni. The Jenni’s streams dropped drastically and for that there are also papers. June 2 we wanted to release two new songs, they said ‘no’, he assured.

Jenni Rivera's son anticipates that the audit of his company went wrong

Juan additionally mentioned why her nephews haven’t obtained Jenni’s inheritance, “As far as I do know, Jenni left three ages marked for the cash to be delivered to them; the primary at 25 as a result of my sister wished them to be taught to work and the remainder later as a result of Jenni wished them to not spend all the pieces “, he indicated.

Finally, Juan invited his nephews to do an audit to show his innocence and Rosie’s and claimed to have proof, “As an employee of the company I am going to ask for all the numbers of everything that has been paid to me and I also already have the list of all the projects I did and have never been paid and honestly they are thousands of dollars and i have proof. Roll out the numbers, whoever falls. When you do the audit, I invite you to do it, get those numbers, I invite you “, he concluded.

Jenni Rivera's son anticipates that the audit of his company went wrong

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