They are criminals, not revolutionaries, based on the US envoy to Haiti

President Biden’s Special Envoy Daniel Foote, in an interview with Le Nouvelliste, strongly refuted the speech by G-9 chief Jimmy Chérizier, alias Barbecue, who presents himself as a “revolutionary” wanting to alter the nation, kidnapped, based on the latter, by crooked insurance policies and a stinking bourgeoisie.

“Don’t listen to the message from Barbecue. He lies. You know they are lies. The gangs are not going to work for a better Haiti and you all know it. They are criminals. They kill people. They have no ideology. They don’t want a better Haiti, ”stated Daniel Foote.

“If they wanted a better Haiti, they would not have impeded the supply of fuel to hospitals, they would not have blocked transportation, stolen, raped young women, murdered pastors, citizens”stated Daniel Foote, involved by the desperation of the Haitians.

“What worries me most about Haiti is that the people have lost all hope. I’ve never seen this before in Haiti, “said Daniel Foote. In 1803, “Haiti defeated France. No one thought this was going to happen. Haitians can do whatever they want if they come together and share the same goal, ”he stated, calling for a brand new political settlement in 2021.

“I consider that an settlement that comes from the Haitian individuals is the important thing to transferring ahead,” added Daniel Foote.

“You will need to have this settlement and after you will have persecuted these criminals, these bandits, these rapists, these murderers, these kidnappers and provides Haitian society again to the Haitian individuals,” referred to as the previous particular envoy of President Joe Biden, noting {that a} doable settlement it will possibly assist the worldwide neighborhood to advance its safety cooperation.

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