Israel Rojas calls those that didn’t perceive the lyrics of Buena Fe irregular

The singer-songwriter Israel Rojas, a supporter and defender of Cuba’s totalitarian regime, described as “abnormal” these amongst his viewers who didn’t perceive the lyrics of the duo Good religion they usually write to him disenchanted by his official positions.

The derogatory qualifier was utilized by Rojas in a dialog / obtain transmitted by the trainer’s social networks Carlos Lazo, a lobbyist for the Cuban regime who works to press for the lifting of the US embargo, by means of his initiative “Puentes de Amor”.

Accompanied by the singer-songwriter Virulo and his inventive associate, Yoel Martínez, along with Professor Lazo, the composer attacked those that, in accordance with him, at the moment are disenchanted by their political militancy, of which they detected no indicators within the lyrics of their songs.

“If after listening to this you’re nonetheless a fan of Buena Fe and Israel Rojas; bro, analyze nicely, that they informed you irregular “, expressed on Twitter the user known as El Ingeniero, sharing the fragment of the recording of the” obtain “, where Rojas calls his fans” irregular “who say they do not understand their current aligned position with the Cuban regime.

What have we become? You were the abnormal that you ever believed… Wow, I’m sorry … Wow, I’m sorry … It’s not that I want to offend you … But it was you … Did you never understand ‘Psychology’, man? ”Said Rojas at one point in the conversation with his companions.

Defending the coherence of his musical production, Rojas insulted those who interpreted his songs as an expression of the concerns and desires of Cuban youth, and now they see in the musician’s statements a character completely removed from these issues, focused on defending the “continuity ”That the government inherited from the hands of the Castro dictators.

“Did you never understand that ‘Psychology’ is an issue against the big corporations that are destroying the planet? Did you never understand ‘Walking naked’? You never understood our songs. You never understood ‘Spyglass’, nor do you know what the concept is, because you are looking for me for the straw that I have in my eye, without looking at the beam that you have in yours. Spyglass can be applied to you ”, said Rojas, charging against those who did not understand the” true which means “of his songs.

“You see me on Mars or Pluto, but you don’t see the little finger of your foot. Because the song is two-way. It is very easy to judge and get carried away by these media constructions, but life is more than that. Life is love, it is cooperation, it is collaboration ”, declared the singer-songwriter whom many of those who were his admirers today consider a“ collaborator ”.

Reactions on social networks to the label of “irregular” arrogantly used by Rojas did not wait. “Eternally irregular! But by no means once more Good Faith! ”, Said a consumer of the social community.

“And now Israel Rojas insults the intelligence of those of us who were his fans. You have to laugh at these singaos ”; “Abnormal is his vileness supporting a totalitarian dictatorship that has solely introduced terror and distress to his nation. He wants lots #VerguenzaContraMentira “, answered others.

“Brother, that guy is a pig, another pig from the pigpen that the communists of our country represent, the true opportunist. Now he sang against the empire. Descarao que es, ”said an outraged user, like many others, by Rojas’s comment.

For his part, the singer-songwriter has come up against the controversy created in the networks by his qualification as “irregular”, used against those followers of his who did not understand the message of his songs.

“Well, I already have a new campaign! Every day, I receive insults, threats of all kinds, slander of all kinds on social networks from people who claim that they interpreted the songs in a certain way and now they come to ask me to account for THEIR interpretation, ”said Rojas this Sunday via Twitter.

Insisting on calling those who turn to him disenchanted by his political position “irregular”, Rojas explained the emergence of what he considers to be a new “marketing campaign” against him.

“They extract a fragment of a direct that professor Carlos Lazo made from Havana when he came to bring donations to Cuba for the poorest communities. For this reason, with the precision of a surgeon, they have extracted a phrase to discredit me again, ”he said.

“It is a large ANORMALITY to threaten and offend with a purpose to attempt to change individuals … It is a good ANORMALITY, to make a information merchandise calling what isn’t an offense … It is an ANORMALITY to assault the efforts of these of us who help Carlos Lazo and his unifying effort” , concluded the composer in his Twitter thread, with no hint of remorse or conciliatory effort.

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