What’s the medicinal plant that the Mapuches use to alleviate COVID?

Plants are drugs. This has been recognized for 1000’s of years. It is that the tablets that any mortal takes presently to combat a illness, are nothing apart from the energetic precept of a plant, with the complete burden of a pharmacological business on its again.

Juana Ñanco and María Eva Licán have recognized it from a really younger age after they helped their households to gather herbs on the foot of the Andes mountain vary, as if asking permission from nature and the universe earlier than pulling them up.

They are a sort of “medicine women” (or kimche) from the Ruca Choroi neighborhood, situated north of Alumine, the place the Raguiñ Kien intercultural hospital was inaugurated greater than per week in the past, a crescent-shaped constructing that faces the exit del sol- that can attend to sufferers from two very totally different however complementary visions: western biomedicine and the ancestral drugs of the mapuche.


The flower of cachan lawen or canchalagua, which gives strength to face COVID.

The flower of cachan lawen or canchalagua, which supplies energy to face COVID.

In the neighborhood they are saying that María Eva and Juana realized all of the secrets and techniques of herbs and their meicine throughout a number of generations, however above all from a single one that marked many in that space: ñuke (mother-grandmother) Carmen Antihuan, who knew treatment all diseases and illnesses primarily based on medicinal crops. She is, in a roundabout way, what’s historically referred to as a healer or machi, within the Mapuche language, from the place all of the data of the crops of the mountain vary emerges. A really broad and complicated idea to outline, which includes therapeutic, drugs involved with what will not be round, referred to as lawen or yaguen.

“I have learned with my mother, who has taught me how to prepare all the lawen (medicinal weeds), first the harvest and then it is prepared, dry or fresh, there are several diseases that cure … what we cure are the empachos, or pains of the organs ”, defined Juana to LM Neuquen, in a tone combined with mapudungun or Mapuche language, which are sometimes fluent inside the neighborhood.

Note to machis by Ruca Choroy okay.mp4

Juana speaks in a tone that denotes respect and asks her companion María Eva to elucidate how the neighborhood went by means of after the coronavirus hit the Mapuches intently, with greater than a thousand infections in Aluminé and 18 deaths through the pandemic.

The lady is aware of that regardless of this context, the problem of COVID was one other drawback, however that there have been no nice fears. It is that for millennia, illnesses, past this one which broke into the world in a surprising and unknown approach, have been addressed in a preventive approach; It is a form of recipe, within the type of an infusion, to “purify the blood”, because the previous healers used to say, and to strengthen the immune system.


“With COVID, what happened is that we have a lawen that we have and with that we gain strength, many have lost their memory, but with that same grass we take it and become stronger again, hopefully the young people can continue to lift their lawen, to get to know their culture and strengthen their community ”, defined María Eva.

Among the ancestral crops that they put together – within the hospital there are greater than 30 – is the cachan lawen or canchalagua (centaurium botanical identify) a local plant of Chile, at present in extinction. It has a purple flower with five-pointed leaves and is taken as an infusion, like so many herbs just like the llanten recognized for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that has all the time been taken, not solely in communities however within the countryside.

Thus, for the Mapuche, crops are their very own drugs.

> Some herbs and the way the hospital that unites the 2 cultures works

Staff with “wisdom”. The “doctors” with Mapuche data are referred to as kimche which in language means individuals with knowledge. The Ministry of Health will rent 12.

How is Raguiñ Kien.

The heart might be administered by a Nor Feleal, a collegiate physique with representatives of the Mapuche philosophical authorities who’re those who preserve the stability in nature.


Pewmo tree. The bark, which comprises tannin and the leaves, are used as an infusion for the liver and vaginal bleeding; exterior the bark decoction is used for rheumatism.

Native to ache. It was and is utilized by the native peoples of the area to alleviate joint ache and heat the physique, making steams and baths with the plant submerged in scorching water.

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