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Nov 20, 2021 17:02 GMT

In this episode of ‘Keizer Report’ recorded within the so-called ‘bitcoin seaside’ in El Zonte, in El Salvador, Max and Stacy touch upon their experiences within the Central American nation, the place the cryptocurrency is authorized tender and hyperbitcoinization is happening accelerated. In the second half, Max interviews Carliño, from Ibex Mercado, about how Salvadoran authorized initiatives on bitcoin can encourage different nations within the area.

This episode of Keizer Report is devoted to bitcoin week, organized in El Salvador. “The country is poised for full hyperbitcoinization, just like other countries in the world, “says Max.” Many people have asked me what is the defining characteristic of El Salvador, and it always has to do with the people: they are good-hearted and generous, and bitcoin combines well with this, “he says.

"The digital age is bringing us back to a purely capitalist society with bitcoin as a risk-free asset"

Stacy compares the primary cryptocurrency to the motion of the waters on the seaside. “Just as the waves come incessantly, the bitcoin never stops. A wave is coming, a new block is being mined. Every ten minutes another new block is mined “, he highlights.

At the identical time, each presenters emphasize that in El Salvador “Keizer Report in Spanish has a great reception”. In Max’s opinion, because of the magic of the media, “bitcoin has been able to go so far so fast.” “We cannot change the bitcoin, but the bitcoin changes us,” he concludes. In flip, Stacy calls the rise in curiosity in digital foreign money the Renaissance 2.0.

In the second a part of this system, Max meets with Carliño, IBEX Mercado’s monetary specialist from Guatemala, to debate the impact of the adoption of bitcoin in El Salvador on neighboring nations. “Everyone in the region is more aware of what is happening and they are letting El Salvador be the experiment that they will undoubtedly follow,” says Carliño.

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