Goodbye ‘Today’: After resigning from Televisa, Galilea Montijo confirms mission outdoors of Mexico

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Mexico City.- The driver Galilea Montijo confirms a brand new mission outdoors the Today program amid rumors that guarantee that in December he leaves the morning after asking permission to Televisa executives.

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Since Alex Kaffie He printed in his column that the exit from Guadalajara is coming, who has been on the air for 14 years in probably the most watched morning of open tv, variations that guarantee the identical have grown like foam.

Arguing that by medical prescription he should hold absolute relaxation, Galilea Montijo has requested Televisa for a piece license to be absent from ‘Hoy’ for some time, “wrote Kaffie at the time.

On the other hand, the youtuber of shows Alejandro Zuniga He also confirmed that he would leave the morning but argued that it is not for health, which is why Gali assured that he was absent a few days because he stated that he suffered from aftermath of Covid-19.

From a very good source, we have just learned that Galilea Montijo is with one foot out of the ‘Hoy’ program. Yes gentlemen, this time it is true and it will happen. According to what they have told me, it is in the month of December, “he talked about.

And that they’ve even come to mild attainable replacements de Montijo after the latest resignation of Carmen Muñoz to Aztec TVHowever, nothing has been confirmed.

A element that did appeal to the eye of customers is that the host, who has been within the ranks of Televisa for 26 years and can be one of many few that also has exclusivity contract, is that of their tales of Instagram, confirmed a brand new mission.

Just because it had been rumored, the tapatia started to advertise the Telethon Event of this 2021, for which there are 15 days left, as will probably be subsequent December 4 at 8:00 within the morning.

It needs to be remembered that just a few weeks in the past, Gali herself stated that she must go away Mexico however quickly as a result of she was going to conduct the Telethon in USA on the request of the corporate.

Last week I used to be absent as a result of like yearly, I am going to the Embassy as a result of the corporate requests it for my work visa as a result of the Telethon is approaching, so then the issues which can be mentioned make me chortle, “he said.

Until now, Guadalajara has not given more details, but this would be a confirmation that in December it will be in the neighboring country outside the San Ángel recording forums.

Furthermore, it is said that producer Andrea Rodríguez, who was left in charge after the death of his sister Magda Rodriguez and Andrea Escalona placeholder image they would be leaving the morning soon due to upcoming changes.

As reported by the YouTube channel ChacaleoBoth would be looking for another project in case their possible dismissal looms.

There is no deadline that does not come, and the cycle of the heiresses of the producer Magda Rodríguez at the helm of the morning Hoy is about to end, so Andrea Rodríguez and Andrea Escalona are already looking for other projects on Televisa, as they will not continue in that edition, “the channel reported.

It is value mentioning that this data has not been confirmed by executives, for what till now stays in high quality of hypothesis.

Source: Chacaleo YouTube channel, Instagram @galileamontijo and @teletonmexico

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