Delfín Quishpe reacts to the 5-year jail sentence for affect peddling: ‘We will enchantment to the top’ | Ecuador | Information

The mayor of Guamote says that his individuals will stand up after the sentence, within the first occasion, of 5 years in jail.

The mayor of Guamote, Delfín Quishpe, reacted irritated to the ruling of the Chimborazo Provincial Court of Justice that declared him the creator of the crime of affect peddling and sentenced him to 5 years in jail. The additionally Andean music singer instructed this medium that he won’t speak in regards to the case, however warned that “Guamote will rise up” within the face of what he considers an injustice. “We will appeal to the end,” he commented.

Quishpe and municipal officers Iván M. and Segundo P. had been convicted yesterday primarily based on a prison accountability report from the State Comptroller General, amongst different 50 paperwork introduced by the Prosecutor’s Office, for the irregular buy of biosafety provides (masks, quaternary ammonium, gloves and others) throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in Ecuador with a surcharge of $ 96,608 plus VAT, which favored Rafael Q.

The mayor, who the day after the sentence was identified, didn’t go to the Municipality, rejects the accusation and condemns it. “Let’s see sir, you know, I am from the people and my reaction will always be transparent, but you as the press, public or private, if you asked me about the works, delighted with life to answer, but about that garbage problem of the persecution , of the application of injustice, I will not respond, “said Quishpe, by phone. “See you soon, thank you”, and closed.

In the Municipality they said that the mayor had a “broad agenda” within the communities and that’s the reason he was not in his workplace. Bécquer Carvajal, his lawyer, did grant a bit of extra time to this medium and confirmed that as quickly as they’re notified in writing of the sentence they’ll file an enchantment, however he introduced that within the oral listening to he already requested the suspension of the sentence.

Carvajal rejected that the Prosecutor’s Office has demonstrated influence peddling, as he said, because that criminal type has to be coupled with human conduct. “Here a fee was shaped and that fee certified the proformas, the bidders and was urged by an individual who met all the necessities as a result of excessive demand and the scarcity of merchandise throughout the peak of the pandemic.”

On September 15, 2020, the Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Guamote Mayor Delfín Quishpe. Photo: Courtesy

“It is mentioned that a commission was appointed to qualify proformas. The proforma that contains a higher value than the others was rated; however, it was not considered that the other bidders had planned to deliver the biosafety products 30 days after the quotation and signing of the contract. Instead, the bidder who won the contest delivered the supplies immediately to address the COVID-19 emergency, “he said.

Quishpe’s attorney said that even though the provider is requesting it, nothing has been paid to him to date. “Economic damage to the State has not been verified,” he said.

“More than due to influence peddling, the Prosecutor’s Office was concerned to determine that there is a surcharge, when it does not exist because the products delivered by the supplier meet all the required expectations,” says the lawyer.

But the condemnation, says Carvajal, they already saw it coming. And he explains why: “We were not allowed to act, at certain times there were calls for attention and what is more, the principle of individuality was not complied with, participation (in the crime that they are charged); however, the rapporteur judge, in his verbal ruling, states that the Office of the Prosecutor has complied with all these budgets, when it was not like that ”.

In addition to the penalty of deprivation of liberty, the primary occasion opinion, topic to enchantment, ordered the defendants to specific public apologies in a neighborhood medium and place a plaque within the Municipality of Guamote, by which it’s established that they won’t be dedicated. there extra acts of corruption. (I)

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