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Paola Gambini remembers that she thought that the physique ache and fever that she had on the finish of final July can be nothing greater than a chilly, as a result of even after per week of struggling it started to subside. But truly It was only the start of a troublesome battle for her well being and that of the child she carried in her womb because of the coronavirus.

“After the first week (of having a cold) I felt a little better. But suddenly I couldn’t breathe anymore, that’s when I told my boyfriend to take me to the hospital, to call an ambulance, ”says Gambini in an interview with Univision Noticias. At the time, the 32-year-old from Groveland, Florida, had determined to not get vaccinated in opposition to COVID-19.

Once on the clinic, the docs you had been identified with pneumonia they usually detected that her oxygenation was low, so she couldn’t pressure her lungs whereas pregnant. Hours later, on his second day within the hospital, determined to carry out an emergency cesarean part in order that she may ship her child, at 33 weeks gestation.

Her odyssey in opposition to covid-19 made her spend 85 days hospitalized and solely now will she be capable of be near her daughter Liliana.

“I knew that doing the cesarean section was the best thing for her (my daughter), I cared more about her life than mine, all I wanted was for her to go well and then do whatever it takes with me.”

Almost 3 months hopsitalized and away from his little daughter

“When they took (my daughter) out and I saw that she was plump and healthy, that’s when it all started. The doctor told me that they would transfer me to another hospital to treat my pneumonia, so the baby stayed with her dad and my family. At that moment I knew it was serious ”.

The mom explains that she was simply transferred to the hospital Orlando Health Regional Medical Center, situated in that metropolis of Florida, they provided him with oxygen by means of a ventilator and later they intubated her to feed her. Thus he remained for 2 weeks, till he had a accident whereas attempting to take away the tube for the despair and discomfort it precipitated him.

Given this case and the little enchancment, the docs determined provide oxygen by means of an ECMO machine, which works by inserting a plastic tube into a big vein or artery by means of the affected person’s neck or chest after which pumping blood from the physique to an oxygenator that additionally removes carbon dioxide.

“When I woke up they told me that they had put a tube through my windpipe to breathe,” says the girl, who remained like that for 45 days.

In the interview, Gambini, who works as a stylist, acknowledges that misplaced monitor of time as a consequence of induced coma by which she was for greater than a month, and that was because of a dialog with a nurse who understood that she had been hospitalized for a few months in complete.

“A nurse came in and asked me how old my baby was. I replied that I was about three weeks old, “she says.” When my boyfriend came back I asked him how long he had been (hospitalized) and that was when he told me that he had been two months old and that my daughter was already 8 weeks old. ”

“‘It’s bad?’ I asked my boyfriend, because I could not move my body, I felt paralyzed and did not know what to think, “recalls Gambini from those days, who upon waking up in the room, assures that he only heard the sound of the machines that helped him breathe .

Your partner and nurses, your allies against the coronavirus

Gambini was finally discharged on October 22 and is still in the process of recovering at home. She acknowledges that the help of her boyfriend, Michael Hazen, and the hospital nurses was key, as They never stopped reminding him that he had a baby to fight for.

“You have a baby, you are going to go out, just get up, we are going to go to the chair (treadmill); and they wouldn’t let me say no to them ”, recollects Gambini with emotion. Little by little it was enhancing. The day she was lastly capable of stroll alone, she cried with emotion, as a result of she thought she would by no means do it once more.

Her partner posted photos all over the room and took it upon herself to videotape their daughter all those weeks. AND When she woke up, she was able to have remote contact with her family and her daughter through video calls. “We made (calls through the app) Facetime and my parents told me that every time (my daughter) heard my voice she would turn everywhere, that she was looking for me ”.

There was a day when the medical team prepared with Hazen a surprise on Gambini’s birthday, September 3, to reunite her with her daughter for the first time since she gave birth. “I bear in mind waking up they usually sang completely happy birthday to me and requested me if I used to be able to see my child,” Gambini said.

“At final I used to be capable of hug her however my arms had been so weak that I felt prefer it was falling from my palms.”

The mistake of not getting vaccinated against covid-19 on time

In a country with more than 750,000 deaths from COVID-19, Gambini made a decision similar to that of thousands of people in the United States: not to get vaccinated because they think inoculation is not safe.

“I thought that my body was like that of a superhuman and that taking care of myself would be enough. I was carrying a baby that protected me from the cold, I thought that with vitamins it would be fine, but the reality is that it was not like that “, acknowledge.

Although little Liliana was born wholesome and with out contracting the virus, her mom is aware of that this nearly value her her life because of the nice deterioration her lungs suffered as a consequence of covid-19, so she assures that in any case he had lived, he would have been vaccinated with out considering.

“Yes, I’d have been vaccinated, if I knew of somebody so near me who occurred what I went by means of, sure. I do not understand how others noticed me, however after I noticed my pictures mendacity there in mattress, I appeared lifeless. That made me cry. “

Today, Gambini assures that his health is gradually improving. But he does not forget that when he returned home he had difficulty climbing the stairs and had some breathing difficulties, and he even still has to carry a supplemental oxygen tank.

“Finally I completed with all of the therapies, now I solely should take off the oxygen, I hope that by Christmas I can obtain it.”


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