Explosion in Las Piedras: ATF and Firefighters element the method to find out the origin and trigger

Just over 24 hours after the explosion that shook the group of the Mansiones de los Artesanos urbanization, in Las Piedras, personnel from the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau (ATF) and the Fire Department Bureau proceed the investigation to verify the purpose of origin and the reason for the incident that claimed the lifetime of a retired navy man and left his spouse with second-degree burns over a big a part of her physique.

Despite the truth that the commissioner of the Fire Department, Marcos Concepción, indicated that these in control of the investigation proceed with the identical idea as yesterday, which factors out that it was an explosion because of the accumulation of propane fuel that arose within the kitchen space, ATF workers didn’t wish to be so categorical in regards to the origin of the explosion.

“It would be irresponsible for us to issue a premature opinion given the fact that, in this process, we follow the scientific method and as we analyze the possible origin and possible causes, we try to establish hypotheses of what could have happened and we are trying to test these hypotheses with the evidence we are collecting, ”said ATF certified fire investigator Héctor Prieto.

How is the investigation carried out?

Prieto stressed that the investigation begins “from the surface in, from the world of ​​least injury to the world of ​​best injury, and we’re analyzing what the scene tells us.”

Among the factors they analyze are the effects that the fire or explosion had on the structure and what marks the impact of the blast wave made on the structure. Then, they go “closing the hole” until they reach the possible points of the explosion.

“After we find where it originated, (we must look for) potential sources of ignition, which can be anything like cigarettes, matches, lighters, appliances that have an electric motor, appliances that operate with an open flame like stoves … All the things that the ability to generate a spark or generate heat ”, he added.

By reiterating that they are not yet confirming that it was a gas explosion, he maintained that, if that is the case, there must have been a spark that caused the gas to explode.

“There are many potentialities. We are attempting to shut the hole. Once we now have a extra full place on what it’s, we will probably be comfortable to remark, ”he stated.

“There is a person who died and we feel like we owe it to that person to find out what caused his death and the injuries to his partner. It is urgent that we find the cause. We are not looking for culprits, we are scientifically looking for what caused it, ”added Prieto.

Earlier, Commissioner Concepción indicated that they anticipated to finish the investigation right now to make means for the demolition course of.

Yesterday, structural engineers who evaluated the property decided that it was prone to collapse, in order that they determined to demolish its stays to keep away from additional injury to neighboring residences.

“The property is definitely in risk and at any moment it can give way. The house cannot be kept as it is, ”reiterated Concepción.

Nearby residences, in the meantime, had been additionally broken. The official identified that these residents haven’t been capable of return to their properties, which should be inspected by specialists to find out if there was main injury or if they’re liveable.

“Several residences were verified, but there is a commitment that it will continue with the municipality for the safety of those who live in this urbanization,” Concepción added.

Preliminarily, the authorities perceive that they won’t be demolished as they solely have partial injury, however Concepción emphasised that the structural engineers will proceed evaluating. “At the moment, those residents cannot live in that residence while the investigation is completed,” he stated.

Regarding the collaboration with ATF, Concepción stated that “the more people with expertise join is favorable. It lightens the process and we can be more certain, opinions can be compared, which is what has been done ”.

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