Kimberly Flores Admits She Wants to Have Another Baby With Edwin Luna

The famous Guatemalan model, Kimberly Flores confessed on her husband Edwin Luna’s YouTube channel that she wanted to have another child with him for a couple of years.

Once again, Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores once again caught the attention of users after sharing an extensive video on the youtube channel of the singer from Monterrey, where the Guatemalan model revealed that they had planned to have another baby in the past, but due to certain discrepancies between them he had delayed the decision.

For a couple of weeks, the popular marriage has been involved in all kinds of controversies and rumors, including the alleged infidelity of the well-known influencer when she participated in the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, luckily the parties involved have already been clarified and denied through their digital platforms.

Recently, the leader and vocalist of La Trakalosa de Monterrey have been seen very active in his social networks, in which he has shared a little more of his private life with the interpreter of ‘Better I stay alone, where they have revealed some facts about their relationship over the years.

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Through his official YouTube channel, Luna published a long clip that has generated many reactions from Internet users, since in it he asked his wife what she thought about him and his life as a couple by his side.

As can be seen in the images, Kimberly did not hesitate to open her heart and explained to the Mexican regional music singer that at the beginning of their relationship she had many insecurities and had difficult times, but as time passed she understood some things and managed to overcome.

But there was a particular topic that gave a lot to talk about among netizens, and it was when they talked about planning a baby they had before the coronavirus pandemic arrived, but unfortunately for the beautiful influencer, the band artist already I was not so on board with the decision, so they let it pass until a couple of weeks ago.

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“I am going to confess something that I had not confessed. We had decided to have another baby before the pandemic, after the pandemic we said no more, but in the end, he was the one who said least ‘no, no longer. But I had that illusion of having one more baby, but when he said ‘he preferred not to’, I said ‘ok, let’s take it,’ “said the Guatemalan model.

To Kimberly’s surprise, the interpreter of ‘It could have been me’ changed his mind after his departure from ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, and without hesitation, he told her that he wanted to have another baby with her, which made Flores very happy Well, I still have the illusion of being the mother of another baby.

“When I go out he tells me, ‘I do want a baby, if I want that, there were many emotions that were experienced at the same time and that I am still in shock,” she expressed excitedly in front of the camera lens; “To think that we can have another baby and thank God if we can,” concluded the Instagram star.

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