Eduin Caz Reveals the Reason Why He Decided to Marry His Wife

The vocalist and leader of Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz, confessed to Larry Hernandez what were the reasons that led him to marry his wife

At 27 years old, Grupo Firme leader and vocalist Eduin Caz is at the peak of his career in the music industry, thanks to the massive support of his devoted fans who have helped him become one of the Favorite Mexican regional exponents of recent years.

And although at the beginning of his artistic career he experienced some difficulties, the singer from Sinaloa always had the unconditional support of his wife Daisy Anahy, who was by his side long before he gained such popularity in the entertainment medium, since they have known each other since they were a couple of teenagers.

In an interview with the famous singer-songwriter Larry Hernandez, the interpreter of ‘I am no longer going back to you’ did not mince words and revealed all kinds of details of his private life, where he even revealed the reasons that led him to marry the mother of his children.

With a couple of drinks on top, Eduin dared to reveal the most intimate secrets of his relationship with Anahy and made known the good connection they have had with her for 11 years, in addition to explaining that she is not controlling at all and trusts very much in him.

He also added that he realized that there were many good things in his favor and as he spent more time with her he understood that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, although he clarified that ‘not everything is honey on flakes’ and they have had one or another problem that they have been able to solve.

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But when Larry asked him about the reasons that led him to marry Anahy, Caz replied that he knew she was a good woman, because throughout their relationship he never disrespected his parents.

“Daisy was the holiest woman in the world, I liked her very fat, and forgive me my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, the net if you see this interview because the truth is that, she does not, not ever in life, I I remember that we were dating and nothing was happening and I was more of a turncoat than anything, but she could not fail her mother and father, the net I thank her parents and that is why I married her “, confessed the music singer regional Mexican.

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