Yanet García Roars Dressed as a Wild Tigress and Moves ‘Boom Boom’

Shaking her flirty tigress costume, the Mexican model Yanet García wins the ovation of her fans and falls in love with what she shows from a daring angle

Yanet García makes the most of her singleness and lets herself be seen in the daring way possible in which her ‘bum bum’ is more than in the foreground, while she dresses as a wild tigress in a plush jumpsuit with everything and her ears start to roar forward The Halloween night.

And the fact is that the young and famous Mexican model of only 30 years old, has once again been carried away by the close-fitting and flashy outfits, so she decided to model an intrepid costume taking advantage of the fact that she was a few hours into the night of October 31.

It was through his official Instagram account that Yanet García shared with his fervent admirers a heated video in which he places himself in a daring pose on his back moving his ‘boom boom’, while showing his interesting costume in which he roars dressed as a wild tigress and exposes all her splendor.

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So the YouTuber and influencer originally from Santiago, Nuevo León, take advantage of the night in New York to make her own from her apartment to stand in front of the window of her living room, wearing the flirty tigress outfit made up of a plush jumpsuit with everything and what constitutes the disguise.

Nor could it miss the makeup in which it looked like a cute kitten, all this while performing a series of movements from side to side shaking its ‘boom boom’, this is how it manages to get more than 105 thousand reactions of ‘like’ in the form of the well-known red hearts.

García is a model better known as La Chica del Clima, she gained popularity in the Televisa program Hoy, but since she came out she has not stopped capturing the spotlight thanks to the intrepid content she makes for the subscription platform.

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