‘It Looks Like a Mask’, Ninel Conde Boasts a Face and They Finish It in Networks

It rains in the wet on the Mexican singer Ninel Conde with strong criticism for the ‘arrangements’ that have been made

It seems that when it does not rain for Ninel Cond it thunders, as it unleashed controversy again on its social networks after showing off a face in a video since its fans are not happy about the ‘arrangements’ that have been made.

And it is that the famous actress and singer originally from Toluca de Lerdo, in the State of Mexico, tries to forget the problems that she has been carrying for several months, so she is focused on her career and on sharing photos and videos of Her beauty.

It was through her official Instagram account that Ninel Conde received strong criticism of her person after she appeared in a video in which her followers could not ignore the treatments that the singer has undergone and she was they end up in networks.

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The clip shared by the ‘Assassin Bombon’ is about a reel where first, wearing casual clothes such as a striped blouse and leggings, enters the bedroom, and then comes out wearing a fascinating white jumpsuit with glitters and dangling threads, in addition to a large opening in the front.

The actress accompanied the clip with a message in which she mentions that when she gets ready for one of her shows she feels ‘as powerful as Alma Rey’ , the character she played in the soap opera Rebelde, where she was the mother of Roberta, the character of the actress Dulce María.

However, during the clip a close-up of her face is made, so clearly the Internet users could see her face up close, so she was questioned as to why she had operated on her face, while another user soon told her that ‘looked like a mask’.

Despite everything, Larry Ramos’ wife endures criticism and no matter what they say, she continues to give shows and try to get ahead while preparing to recover her son Emmanuel, who remains in the care of her ex-partner, Giovanni. Medina.

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